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Excess Inventory Solutions

Lot Buy - This is a perfect solution if you need to get all your Excess & Obsolete Inventory off your shelves immediately. The benefit is that your warehouse space is freed up and non-moving product is converted into money that goes directly to your bottom line. This solution while the quickest in process time and financial impact, usually yields the least amount of ROI (Return on Investment).

Line Item Buy - As with the Lot Buy this solution provides immediate return on your Excess & Obsolescence, and if you are not pressed for space, and have the resources to pick and ship one line item at a time, then you can expect higher returns with a much longer disposition cycle.

Consignment-On Site - This solution is ideal if you are interested in getting the highest return, and do not have any space or time limitations. Giving TPS exclusive rights to your inventory enable us to maximize the return by marketing the excess to the Global Marketplace. While the returns are generally higher, this solution can still prove cumbersome with regards to execution of the product transfer.

Consignment-Off Site - Of all the solutions this one seems to be the most desirable in terms of company involvement and ROI. In this solution Inventory is consigned to TPS warehouse, and is categorized  & segregated into commodities. This solution allows you to still own the inventory while freeing up valuable workspace. TPS supplies you with monthly sales reports and sends payment according to goods sold and previously agreed upon revenue share contracts.

Recycling–Asset Recovery -TPS Recycling & Asset Recovery Programs are designed too dispose of your E-Waste in a safe and environmentally sound manner. We only use third party recycling partners who are EPA, MOE & WEE compliant and subscribe to 100% landfill diversion. In a world where data security and being green have become the norm, TPS takes pride in the fact that are partners live up to the highest environmental standards.

TPS assumes shipping charges for all of the solutions we provide and while our goal is to maximize the highest return, our Promise to you is that the return will be at the very least Revenue Neutral.

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